The English Supplement Επιλεγμένα


Dear mister fucking Aida,

You have shitted more than you eat, you fucking little Norwegian shit. There is only one way to make you stop shitting on us and that is if we start shitting on you. We also have some prolific bull shitters. There is also another way, by sticking a cork up your bum, but unfortunately we don’t have corks big enough to fit your bum in Cyprus. Your bum, eat eat Turkish villos, has expanded beyond belief. One diplomat told us that recently he saw your bum roaming up your mouth, you stinking hermaphrodite worm.

Aida, you are a piece of Turkish shit. Take your excrement and piss out of Cyprus. Nobody wants you here, except the DISAKELIK mob and some other English behaving fairies of the island. Tornaritis loves you, but there again Tornaritis loves himself. This bunch loves it when someone shits on them. They are what we call scatophils. YOU SHOULD apply to become a member of their club. I am sure they’ll make you their honorary president.

I am not impressed with all those that have gone against you recently when the press announced that you are going to work for the Turkish government. Who the fuck have you been working for all these years? You came here as a Turk and you will die as a Turk. I hope your bum rots until you no longer are able to shit. One way of stopping the diarrhea is to eat spontillouthkia and with a magnet move them towards you bum.

You are an abominable fucking obnoxious swine. If you don’t fuck out of our lives, we will fuck your shoe strings and your kapile. Leave before Koulias farts in your face and 2.000 flies shit on you. Leave and take with you your boyfriend Akintzi and all the yiousoufakia that feel insecure. Go to Turkey and organize the grant Turkish gay parade. Go to Turkey where everything is allowed, where all freedoms are respected and you don’t land in jail except if you are straight and democratic.

Fuck you, Aida.




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